No? Well, for the first 140 years of its existence, the rest of society wasn't supposed to know about it.  It all began back in 1796, when Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers, had just given the new nation its first sex scandal which had left him temporarily unemployed. He retreated to Manhattan, his home town, to lick his wounds.  Bored out of his mind, he was able to convince six prominent New Yorkers to entertain themselves each week by sharing tales of terror by the light of a solitary candle. For an extra jolt, they would meet in dark, out-of-the-way, often, dangerous places. Their spooky tales were based upon personal experiences, or, true events which had taken place in NYC. As the group grew, the secret membership was by reference only and restricted to New Yorkers. They called it THE LIGHTS OUT CLUB.
 To this day, this legendary, influential group has continued on, attracting members from all walks of life, from school teachers to politicians, cops, athletes, vaudevillians, gangsters, authors and Hollywood superstars ...everyone, it seems, has a terrifying story to tell...and loves hearing them, as well.  Past members include MARK TWAIN, EDGAR ALLAN POE, ORSON WELLES, LEGS DIAMOND, RODNEY DANGERFIELD, ENRICO CARUSO, NORMAN MAILER, SOPHIE TUCKER, ROD SERLING and dozens more!
 NOW, for the first time ever, THE LIGHTS OUT CLUB has authorized long-time member, DAN BIANCHI, to collect, catalog, record and transcribe its tales to the written page, and, to edit and conserve hundreds of weird stories of New York's ghosts, creatures, haunted houses and strange incidents, all of which have taken place in real NYC locations...and, often concern historical figures and events.  Here are eerie tales of old Manhattan which have not seen the light of day since the first night they were told by the light of a solitary candle!

LIVE ON STAGE for the first time in over 200 yrs!
81 Jane St, 1805 - Alexander Hamilton's friend is haunted by the woman he loves but has never spoken to...now that she's dead, she won't leave!

Bond  St., 1820 - Dr.Morley marries a
mysterious woman ...the true story that inspired Lights Out Club member Edgar Allan Poe to write "Morella!"

 In the early days, Club members wore hoods 
when intiating new members. If the recruit failed to scare them with his tale, he left without knowing whom they were. 

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Perry St., 1848 -
the Mallows spend a
night of terror when
their brother returns
from the grave to
take both siblings
back with him...in

W. 38th St., 1863
Johnny comes marching  home 
again to make amends with his family...but, gets
a cold reception.

LaFayette Place, 1845 - A Dutch clergyman refuses to leave his burning church in the great fire of 1835. 10 yrs later, he returns from the dead ...in body but not soul!
Moore St., 1808 - a lawyer discovers the truth inside THE SPOOK HOUSE and winds up 
in the madhouse
on Blackwell's Island!

Liberty St., 1850 Rev. Cummings
confronts the 
ghost of a mur -dered man who returns to enact revenge upon 
his killer!

Chestnut St., 1860s...Italian children are sold into slavery from Sicily  to the streets of NYC!  Does anyone care? 
Maiden Lane, 1878 - When a
son is blamed for his father's
murder, Dad is seen a day 
later...then disappears forever!  The son packs his 
bags and leaves for Europe!
Lights Out Club members...Mark Twain, Mayor Jimmy Walker, OrsonWelles
1889, Bowery -  a mysterious string of murdered whores
similar to England's Jack?
E 68 St, 1886
A mother hears
her missing son
calling and goes mad. Then, his father hears 
him, too.
21st St./9th Ave, 1900  Reporter Henry Dorr
spends the night in a haunted house and meets the DOG BOY!
85 E 4th St, 1910, in a heated 
argument union organizers beat a man to death in the lobby...his ghost still roams 
the building!
85 E 4th St, 1819 the 
good Rev.Clinkard 
arrives to rural area 
and sets up church...
when it burns down,
with him in it, people
discover the bones 
of children under the
floorboards!  Only
their heads were
85 E 4th St,, 1894 - the 
Conroys' son falls down 
the stairs and dies. A week later his mother hangs herself from 3rd floor landing
85 E 4th St, 1947 -Life
Magazine snaps photo
of apparition on stairs.
Mrs. Conroy? 
Orpheum, 1900 - 
a conjurer's wife
disappears on 
stage ...and 
is lost forever!
W 10th St, 1902 - a man is haunted by a hearse at midnight, its driver warns... "Get ready for the ride of 
your life!"
The Lights Out Club, 1902
1919, thousands of NYers
die from Spanish Flu, 
coffins line the streets
no one is safe
Delancey St, 1900s
A butcher known 
as the Pigman isn't
serving prime beef!
Dey St, 1922 -
a family is driven
from this home 
by monstrous
spirits...and the
pink monkey!
Upper Eastside, 1924 - Will Louise's groom
get to their wedding on
time?  Perhaps, she is better off without him?
Hell's Kitchen, 1925 -
Irish Gangsters band
together to capture 
the elusive "Westside
Vampiress" killer
W 48 St, 1927 - musician
Louis Alter is warned not
to stay at the Hotel 
Imperiale with an "e."  
Why?  He'll find out!
W 82 St, 1928
Bonnie Tillerman
narrowly escapes
the Phantom
friends don't
Subways, 1929 - Cops capture an incestuous tribe of albino cannibals living in tunnels... responsible for many murders... all sent to Insane Asylum...press call them 
W 26 St, 1932 - Joseph
Brent opens an old iron
door in his basement and
listens to the murmuring rats...then goes on a
killing spree!
Tompkins Pk, 1989, Daniel Rakowitz
is arrested for 
killing, cooking and feeding  
his girlfriend 
to the poor
Sewers, 1935
City gasses giant
nest of alligators
after 2 workers
go missing
Enough said!
2nd Ave Bus, 1938
Daniel Schulman
is the only survivor
when the Number
15 is hijacked to 
Ohio in a snowstorm.
All passengers are
savagely murdered.
57 St, 1940
Art gallery 
Dorothy finds 
a very unusual
painting locked
in a closet
The Lights Out Club, 1948
initiates new member
Little Italy, 1942 - six
boys go missing off
the street, no clues.
no bodies. Is a fake priest responsible? Still an open case 
W 46 St, 1947 - What 
did Mary McDonnell
see at night in the 
windows across the street to cause her disappearance?
14 St, 1951 - An art student rents a room where, on a wall, there's an ominous, big, old stain that can't be removed
Bowery, 1952 - street
bum checks into 
notorious Liberty
Rescue Hall and learns
it's bloody past known as SUICIDE HALL
W. 45 St. 1957
Usherette at 
the Bijou Theatre
witnesses a 
horrifying sight!
Warhol Factory,
1960s - no one 
knows where 
strange Victoria
has come from...
or what her eyes
look like behind
those dark
8th St, 1914 - rival
gangs shoot it out
at Arlington Hall.
An innocent 
bystander dies 
and haunts the 
place forever more.
Broadway, 1972
Club member
Barbara tells her
real life experience about the night she kissed a ghost!
Bronx Zoo,1916
Ota Benga, a pygmy, is exhibited in a cage as a monkey man. Even the NY Times says he shouldn't complain. At 35, he commits suicide. 
Club members Frank Gallop, Boris Karloff, Rod Serling